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Weekly photo challenge – Renewal

On the rise

And as the sun ascended
behind the concrete mountains,
Just as a mind is reborn
to a pasture of new horizons,
The world began to change
From ebon to gold
From darkness to dawn
From storm to hope
all over again

On the rise

**Posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge, hosted this week by Cheri Lucas… **


Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and far

Hidden beneath
the grungy blur
of an agonizing cry
Lie the pleading sighs
of an innocent calm
– grappling –
but emerging nonetheless

Light thru’ the greys

The mouth of a gator…

**Posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge, hosted this week by Brian Cooney… **

Port of entry…

Looking around at the buzz
I often wonder
What is it that gets them here…
Is it the magnetism that runs deep beneath,
Is it the siren of seas that calls
Or is it just me?

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Skyful of dreams…

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This is the New York sky, as seen from right outside my building… A little walk in the morning under this beautiful sky is certain to revive one’s well-being!
I simply could not stop myself from running back home, only to grab my Canon and get a piece of this sky in my hands 🙂